You are on a journey - you see the beautiful mountains you may have to cross, but you are enjoying getting there!

You are on a journey – you see the beautiful mountains you may have to cross, but you are enjoying getting there!

If you are in transition, having recently experienced the trauma of a divorce, loss of a job, or some other life-changing event, then hopefully my story and some of my own insights may help you to turn this awful experience into one that has meaning and value in your life. I will walk you through those steps that are necessary to come out on the other side of the GOLDEN door!

Close your eyes. Imagine that you have just come from having a door slammed in your face and you are at one end of a long dark hall. At the end of that hall is a golden door. You don’t know what is on the other side of that door, but you sense that it is something wonderful. Or, you may be afraid of opening yet another door which will put you back into another long, dark and lonely hall. You try to reach that door, but it seems such a long way away – with the long dark hall between you and it……. You ask yourself – how do I get to that door and the promise of a Golden Life? It seems unreachable, but I know there is a way to get there – I feel lost, alone, helpless.

Now open your eyes (you memorized the script didn’t you?) What you just experienced was similar to the experience of a transition. Life is one big collection of transitions – from birth to death, from follower to leader, from single to married to single, from parent to empty-nester – everything involves transition. How can you transition successfully?

From my new book about using transitions as a catalyst to success and happiness.


ImageImageWhat set’s you apart from others in your career?  Everyone has a unique skill, strength or achievement which sets them apart.  When you are looking for your next career opportunity, move up or change, it is very important to let your future or current employer know why you are different, and why you will bring value to them.


As a transition to success coach, I work with people to help them move forward in their personal and professional lives.  I find common themes with most of my clients:

People who have experienced life-changing events and are in transition (divorce, death, aging) and want to be happier.

People in business who want to change careers either in their current companies, or to new companies.

People who are stuck in a personal issue and want to get unstuck so they can move on with the best plan.

People who want to develop a career plan for a job search.

Managers and executives who want to be more effective leaders.

People who want to understand their inner messages, realize truths, and clarify outcomes!

This blog will be a forum for my sharing tips, insights and awareness with you and hopefully, I will also learn from your feedback!

What's stopping you?

What’s stopping you?